KOMDRUCK is a manufacturer and developer of innovative printing solutions, with the focus on high security and color label printing systems. Through expert advice but also by the high quality products and innovative solutions, the company has established successfully International and on the German market. The performances are emphasized by a reliable and responsive service.

From the beginning, the center of attention are the production of printers and special applications,that are not offered by the major manufacturers, because the target groups do not give the necessary quantities.

The focus of KOMDRUCK is the personalization of high security documents such as passports, visas, driver license and documents. Since the introduction of KOMDRUCK IDP (Ink Document Printer) in 2004, thousands of worldwide installations by municipal user, public administration and public offices.

Since then the installations will be made directly or by partner companies worldwide. Embassies, government offices, banks and industrial companies also are customers of the successful company

Also well-known printer manufacturers rely on the experiences of KOMDRUCK and have developed and manufactured by the company. These developments are often a joint production with the customers and the result of years of experience and cooperation.

Through this cooperation, you can found "KOMDRUCK Technology" for the centralized and decentralized personalization of travel documents in many countries of the world.