Production with high standards

Maximum quality and reliability at KOMDRUCK will be ensured by the use of components from the mass production.Blocks that have already been proven in series and satisfy our requirements,do not need to be reinvented " explains the production manager Stefan Kessler. Primarily are these components printheads, guidance and control of these elements. The elements who are developed by KOMDRUCK, and make the printing system to a special printer, are produced primarily by local, German partner companies.

The production of special printers made directly by KOMDRUCK. Under the direction of COO Stefan Kessler the systems are manufactured as single, small or large series, tested and delivered directly to the userThousands of KOMDRUCK document printers with inkjet technology or as dot-matrix printer are in use at local authorities in Germany and abroad and have been trusted for over 10 years.

Further developments of the KOMDRUCK AG are manufactured as components of a large system by KOMDRUCK and installed by the producers in these systems. The development and the production of these special solutions are developed in close cooperation with manufacturer, customer and KOMDRUCK-developmentteam.

"Satisfying of all customer claims, highest reliability and maximum results in print quality can only be reached through the long experience of the KOMDRUCK team and the special motivation of all KOMDRUCK employees“, the production manager Stefan Kessler and co-founder of the KOMDRUCK company is sure.